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Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet 19

Are your kids interested in playing tennis or you just want them to try the sport for a little recreation? Either way, they’ll need a safe and reliable tennis racquet to start with. The Wilson US Open Junior tennis racquet is a great racquet to try tennis for the first time.

The Wilson US Open Junior tennis racquet comes in different sizes and offers all that a junior may need when starting in tennis. It  comes in several different colors, which means it’s suitable for both girls and boys. That’s important because if you have both a son and a daughter, you can get them the same racquet but in a different color. That way, they get the same quality racquet, but they’d still be able to tell the difference between them. 

The Wilson US Open Junior tennis racquet doesn’t come with a cover, but it’s a detail that’s not as important for the overall experience and quality of the game. Its features, materials, and specifications deliver excellent performance and ease of use.

For kids, it’s important that tennis is fun and enjoyable when they first start. This racket allows them to have fun on the field, but still have a proper start as beginners.

Without further ado, let’s take a moment to look into the details, specifications, and features that make the US Open Junior  a great choice for your children. 

Features and specifications:

Most importantly, the Wilson US Open Junior comes pre-strung, so you don’t have to bother with that at the very start. Stringing isn’t a big issue, but if you’re not into tennis yourself and your kids are just now starting off, it’s a step you don’t have to take.

The Wilson US Open Junior is suitable for kids that are ten years old, or younger. The reason why older kids can’t use it is simply the size. 

Its pattern is 16x19, which is quite standard amongst the best tennis racquets. It’s needless to say that most of the most popular racquets for adults have the same pattern specifications. Besides, Its head is 106 inches, which is ideal for kids. The balance featured here is 2 points head light that’s not too special but is quite enough for kids that are beginners. Its grip size is 3.5 inches, which is perfect for kids that age.

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

The Wilson US Open Junior's cross section is 21mm C Beam that provides comfort and ease of striking while the kids are still learning.  When it’s strung is around 220g. Now, you can see why this is a good choice of a racquet for your kid. It’s small enough, doesn’t weight much, but still provides quality that’s essential in those first steps of playing tennis.

We said that this racquet is ideal for beginners, but also for some intermediate and advanced skill levels. The fun color selection you get to choose from is green/yellow, orange/blue, red/blue, and black/white. These combinations all look fashionable and modern and will make the game that much more enjoyable for your children.

The The Wilson US Open Junior's  aluminum frame is what will give them stability and durability. The fact that it’s as lightweight also adds to the overall experience. It’s best that it’s used with felt balls or soft foam balls. It could be used with standard tennis balls but with caution.

Customers reported that the racket is durable and provided a great stepping stone for their kids. Berta said how the racquet fits her five years old perfectly, and he loves playing tennis since day one. Also, Korina claims both of her daughters love the racquet and can’t get enough of tennis.

A few people claimed that their kids passed the racquets to their younger brothers and sisters. That just shows you how well-made the racquet is and how much durability it provides. As we all know, kids don’t give much attention to anything for too long. That means they’ll often play with their tennis, throw it, drop it and do all kinds of stuff with it. It’s good to know that the Wilson US Open Junior tennis racquet can take those hits and bumps and last them until they’re ready to upgrade to a more advanced racquet.

This set of features and specifications made especially to fit children under ten years old are what makes most of the people opt for this racket as the first model for their kids. 

The good:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes in different fun colors
  • Provides stability and comfort
  • Ideal for kids that are just starting off in tennis
Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet sideways

The Bad:

  • It’s only suitable for children that are under ten years old
  • Doesn’t come with a cover
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Final verdict:

Overall, it’s well-known that Wilson always comes through with the best quality regardless of the racket in question. The US Open Junior  is no different and provides a great start for children.

The great thing about it is that it’s not a toy, but a real racquet that’s suitable for kids. The Wilson US Open Junior tennis racquet is made of sturdy materials, provides quality of game, stability, balance, and power. There’s no doubt that the fun colors will help your kids develop even more interest in tennis and make it even more enjoyable to them.

The Wilson US Open Junior  has a perfect grip size, sweet spot, head size and power that a beginners racquet should have. The only thing you should pay attention to is your child’s height because that will help you determine the exact size of the racquet that would fit. The distance between your kid’s fingertips and the ground is the size that would fit the best. It’s important to remember the importance of having the right size of a racket. Too small or too big won’t fit and would make the game much harder in the very beginning.

We recommend the Wilson US Open Junior tennis racquet as one of the best tennis racquets for kids who are just learning the importance of sport and fun times you can have while playing tennis. It can help them have a good start, and find even more interest in tennis until, one day, they become well-advanced and professional tennis players.

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